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03.Feb.2012 T-Shirt Sale 2012

I hear the dudes in Big Bang Theory wear a lot of those lantern symbols on the show. Get hip, ya’ll! Also, check out those club shirts hiding in the background! Make your buddies jealous with the sweet silky threads you bought at Chicago Comics! The sale will only be up for a week so [...]

27.Jan.2012 Stocking up on Mini-Comics!

What a week here at Chicago Comics. We just received a huge Microcosm order today: I suggest you come check out the new Zines and Mini-Comics we just stocked! Speaking of Mini-Comics! Our buddy Becky Cloonan just sent us a handful of her self-published comic, Wolves. It looks absolutely stunning, i mean, what else would [...]

15.Apr.2011 Wilfred Santiago Signing May 28th @3 pm

5/28 Wilfred Santiago Signing! Wilfred Santiago Signing! 3pm May 28th @ Chicago Comics!!! The biographical 21: The Story of Roberto Clemente is a human drama of courage, faith and dignity, inspired by the life of baseball star Roberto Clemente. Tweet This Post

28.Jan.2011 Its official! The Toy Sale has been extended!

The toy sale has now been extended to February 5th! Prices up to a third OFF! Holy Robot, Batman! Tweet This Post

08.Jan.2011 NEWS for January 2011!!!

NEWS for January 2011!!!

30.Dec.2010 January 5th 2010

Comics 27 2 Adventure Comics 522 Anita Blake Circus of Damned Ingenue 1 Ant-Man and Wasp 3 Avengers Childrens Crusade 4 Avengers Prime 5 Azrael 16 Batman Beyond 1 Batman Confidential 52 Billy The Kid Ghastly Fiend London 4 Brightest Day 17 Bring The Thunder 2 Captain America Hail Hydra 1 Choker 5 Doc Macabre [...]

01.Dec.2010 News for December 1 – 31st 2010

Shop news for December 1 – 31st 2010

06.Nov.2010 News for November 1 – 30, 2010

News for November 1 – 30, 2010

03.Nov.2010 Comic Shop Crawl 2010 – Inaugural Event

All November long, Challengers Comics + Conversation, Chicago Comics, Third Coast Comics & First Aid Comics are celebrating the diversity of Chicago’s Comic Shops.

25.Oct.2010 Our Front Shelf is better than your front shelf.

How rad is our front shelf right now?! From Left to Right: Charles Burns’ new masterpeice ‘X’ed Out’, Alan Moore’s magazine ‘Dodgem Logic’ September 2010, Chris Ware’s ‘Acme Novelty 20′, Lynda Barry’s ‘Picture This’, and ‘Horror! The Horror!’ a collection censored and thought to be long buried comics. They’re all new this week too! Holy [...]